About Us

About the Clarity Times

Why Clarity Times?

Clarity Times Mission statement is:

To Inform, Educate, and Empower the young generation.

The word “Clarity” means to be clear, to elucidate, or to understand. On the other hand, the word “Times” in this instance means “What has happened”. So, CLARITY TIMES is an independent digital media created with the mission to inform and educate people around the world especially the Millennials and Generation Z. We aim to make news less depressing and less confusing.


Our journalists and writers go around the world to bring you all the latest news. We go beyond the simple publication of articles or reports, but we treat our subjects in-depth to allow our readers, listeners, and Internet users to better understand the reality on the field. The world is evolving - so does journalism. Long and hard to understand news articles are old school format. CLARITY TIMES brings short, educative, concise, and well-written news articles supported with audio, photos and videos to keep you engaged.


Our objective is to be always on the lookout for current events and in search of everything that, in one way or another, deserves to be explored in-depth and brought to the attention of the public. Every Clarity Times article is written with (You) in mind. We promise quality and professionalism.


Our areas of intervention cover in particular world politics, technology, religion, health, and sports, as well as tourism and culture.


Clarity Times was founded by a group of journalists with more than 15 years of experience each who is scattered in North America and Europe to offer you curated news articles that matter to you.