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What Happened to those five NBA players after retirement?

by The Clarity Times

People always asking what happens to famous people such as singers, dancers, actors, NBA, football, or any other major sport players. Clarity Times presents to you the life of five NBA stars after retiring from the league.

Tim Duncan –This can be unbelievable to many, but the San Antonio Spurs legend Tim Duncan has been training to become a mixed martial artist since retiring from the NBA. Although Mr. Duncan explains that he is only training for a hobby, his trainer however is high on his potential, calling Tim Duncan a monster on the octagon. Besides his MMA training, Tim Duncan is the owner of Blackjack Speed Shop, an auto body shop he opened in 2013. He also accepted in 2017 to return to San Antonio Spurs as an assistant coach.

Scottie Pippen – Scottie Pippen is known as one the greatest players in the NBA and the Chicago Bulls. Retired in 2004, Pippen has spent the next several years trying to make a comeback before finally retired in 2008. Right after retirement, Scottie Pippen co-founded with his bis brother a livestock farm in Arkansas while still making frequent appearances on television.

Vin Baker – After spending 13 years in the NBA, Vin Baker sadly lost his fortune. Mr. Baker is currently working as a Starbucks manager. Outside of work, Baker is a minister at his father’s church.

Shawn Kemp – Six-time all-star and All-NBA Second Team three times, Shawn Kemp spent 14 years playing professional basketball. He retired in 2003 and opened Oskar’s Kitchen in Seattle.

Greg Oden – Drafted by the Portland Trailblazers in 2007, Greg Oden stepped foot on the court only about 23 times before a series of injuries led him to retire early. Oden decided to go back to school and accepted a job at Ohio State University to be the student manager of the men’s basketball team.

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