US -Covid-19 in numbers: 30,000 people have died in the US in 13 days.

US -Covid-19 in numbers:  30,000 people have died in the US in 13 days.

Maryland, MD (Clarity times) Data from the Johns Hopkins University reveal that more than 30,000 US citizens and residents have died from the deadly disease Covid-19 from December 1st to now.

From January 2020 when the first case of Covid-19 was reported to December 13, 2020 there is a total of 16,105,795 (16 million 105 thousand 7 hundred and 95) Covid-19 cases in the US, and out of that number 298,147 people have died of the virus.

Around the world, an estimated of 72,488,134 people have contracted the coronavirus to date, 1,616,969 deaths, and 50,758,759 others recovered.

The United States is still leading in daily positive cases followed by India, Brazil, Russia, and France.

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