U.S Justice Reform: No More Death Penalty in Virginia.

JARRATT, Va. (Clarity Times)— Ralph Northam, the governor of Virginia signed legislation to officially abolish the death penalty in Virginia on Wednesday, March 24, 2021. This legislation signed into law makes Virginia the first Southern state to ban the death penalty in recent years.

According to Gov. Northam, “Justice and punishment are not always the same thing, that is too clearly evident in 400 years of the death penalty in Virginia”. Furthermore, the Democrat Governor stated that the death penalty is fundamentally flawed. “We know the system doesn’t always get it right, make no mistake — if you commit the most serious of crimes, you will be punished”.

After Colorado last year and Maryland in 2013, Virginia is now the 23rd state to ban the death penalty in the United States..

Virginia has been put to death a total of 1,390 people since the reinstitution of the death penalty in 1976 by the U.S Supreme court.

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