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Tweeter users questioning Amy Barrett’s motives for adopting children from Haiti?

by The Clarity Times

Amy Barrett, the freshly nominated supreme court justice is under scrutiny for adopting two children from Haiti. 

Shortly after she was nominated by the 45th president of the United States Donald Trump to become the youngest supreme court justice in replacement of justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Amy C. Barrett is under attack from social media users questioning the legitimacy of the process she went through to adopt two children from Haiti.

Meet Amy Vivian Coney Barrett, the soon to supreme court justice of the United States?

Mrs. Barrett, 48, has given birth to five children and has adopted two from Haiti with her husband Jesse Barrett.

After the press reported that President Donald Trump would nominate Mrs. Barrett as the next supreme court justice many tweeter users started to attack her personality on different levels including her faith and her sinister motives to adopt two blacks children from Haiti.

Among the incendiary tweets, includes a tweet from Dana Houle, who describes himself as an elected Democrat.

Houle, in a series of tweets following the initial post, calls the press to investigate the condition in which these adoptions were conducted to make sure they were legit and ethical.

Another tweeter user, Jonah Goldberg who presents himself as the Editor-in-Chief of the Dispatch questions the motives behind Amy Barrett’s decision to adopt two children from Haiti.

Besides the adoption from Haiti, Amy Barrett is also being also scrutinized for her faith as a man catholic woman. Many social media users fear that her faith and believes will be reflected in her decisions as a supreme court justice.

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