Suspicion of corruption within the Haitian Government. ULCC launched an investigation.

Port-au-Prince, HT (Clarity times). The Haitian Government Anti-Corruption Agency ULCC announced the opening of five new investigations relating to suspicions of corruption within the Moise-Jouthe administration.

According to a note published by the Anti-Corruption Unit (ULCC), the agency’s investigators would look into the details on how the funds allocated to many government’s ministries and agencies were spent.

Among other funds targeted include the “Road Maintenance Funds (FER)”, the issuance of debit cards in the public administration, the use of the Local Authority Management and Development Funds, the illegal action taken by certain auditors of the General Tax Directorate, and the use of the Local Funds for Development and Land Use Planning (FLDAT) commonly known as Communal Funds.

Although there is no deadline set to publish its findings, the Anti-Corruption Unit (ULCC) invites the Haitian population to participate in the investigation by sharing any relevant information they have on the aforementioned funds.

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