Prime minister Mark Rutte and the entire Dutch government resigned over a child welfare payments crisis.

The Hague, Netherlands (Clarity Times) — On Friday, January 15, 2021, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and all his cabinet members presented their resignation letter to King Willem-Alexander. This decision comes after enormous criticism toward the government for wrongly accusing about 20,000 parents as fraudsters in child welfare payments.

In a live broadcast speech, the Prime Minister explains to the Dutch people why the government has decided to resign.  

“We are of one mind that if the whole system has failed, we all must take responsibility, and that has led to the conclusion that I have just offered the king, the resignation of the entire Cabinet,” Rutte said.

Mark Rutte and his cabinet will stay in office in a caretaker role until after March 17, 2021, when a new administration comes out of the election.

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