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$2000 dollars for every qualified Americans

by The Clarity Times

Washington D.C (The Clarity Times) The House of Representatives voted on Monday, December 28, 2020 the coronavirus disaster relief bill. This vote will allow the government to send a check of $2,000 to many millions of qualified Americans citizen. 

For weeks the white house, the republican led senate, and the democrats have been negotiation on the stimulus bill and the of money to send to American people. The Senate majority leader Mitch McConnel opted for a $600 while the President of the United States wanted a higher stimulus check. That decision was supported by the democrats who believe a $600 would not be enough to help the needy people during this pandemic time.

Besides the increase of the stimulus check, the House of representatives’ bill also overrides President Trump veto of the defense policy bill. Now the senate has the final say, and if the bill becomes law, it will the first time the house overrides a Trump decision.

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